Quick start to the Colab

This tutorial will highlight some

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1 Github features

1.1 Running any jupyter notebook from github

If you want to open any notebook, that is already stored in any public github repository, it is enough to paste user/repo name in the field below and just open it. Modified notebook could be downloaded locally or saved to your google drive storage.

1.2 Commiting to github from colab

However, you can save any changes directly to the github through the commits. In order to do this, you’ll need to authorize colab to work with your github account. It’s up to you to provide this access or not. All these things work even with private repos.

2 Using different accelerators (CPU/GPU/TPU)

Runtime -> Change runtime type ->

3 Customization

3.1 Dark theme

Tools -> Settings -> Site -> Theme -> Dark

3.2 Monokai

Tools -> Settings -> Site -> Editor -> Editor colorization

3.3 Bonus

Tools -> Settings -> Miscellaneous -> Kitty mode

4 References